Flixster Video has shut down its operations in the U.S. and, as a result, no longer supports redemption of digital codes or playback of videos in the U.S. However, former Flixster Video customers will still be able to watch all of the videos in their collections and redeem digital codes through Vudu. If you were a Flixster Video customer and have not done so already, we encourage you to sign up or log in to your account at Vudu and to link your UltraViolet library to your Vudu account.

And now, you can also link your Vudu account to Movies Anywhere, a new service that brings together your movie library from Vudu and other major digital retailers - such as iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play - in one place so that you can watch your movies when and where you want. Television shows and some movies are not currently available in Movies Anywhere, but you will still be able to watch any of those titles that you had in your collection on Vudu.

To get started with linking your Vudu account to your UltraViolet library and/or to Movies Anywhere:
1 Don't have a Vudu account or have one but it is not linked to your UltraViolet library?: Press "Go to Vudu". After signing up or logging into your Vudu account, go to your "Account Info" page (accessible in the drop down menu on the upper right-hand corner of the Vudu website) and follow the instructions therein to link your UltraViolet library to your Vudu account. For further details, please see the FAQ.
2 Have a Vudu account but it is not linked to Movies Anywhere?: Press "Get Started" to go to Vudu and start the process of creating or logging into your Movies Anywhere account and linking it to your Vudu account.